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Five Practical Tips for Safe Daily Living With Epilepsy

Living with epilepsy presents its own unique set of challenges and issues to overcome.

For most people with epilepsy, the goal is to live a full and active life with minimal restrictions and to know that, should a situation arise where help is urgently needed, it can be reached easily and without fail.

To help you achieve those goals we have listed 5 top tips for safe daily living with epilepsy below:

  1. Start and maintain a ‘seizure tracker’ diary.

Keep a log of seizures after they occur to see if you can recognise and triggers, trends or common themes that might contribute to your seizures. By doing so, you will know what activities and triggers to avoid, thereby reducing the instances of seizures.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep deprivation is a well known cause of seizures, so be sure to get plenty of good quality sleep regularly.

  1. Build strong ‘partnerships’ with your health care team

Be sure to build strong relationships with your health care team including your doctor, your pharmacist, your telecare health solutions team and any carers. Be sure to speak up and let them know how you are feeling and what you need from them. Your care is a two way partnership and you are in the drivers seat!

  1. Avoid excess alcohol

Alcohol can interfere with your medication and there is also evidence to suggest that alcohol can increase your chances of seizure or even cause them.

  1. Utilise a good telecare support system

Telecare support systems such as Tunstall Emergency Response’s solutions mean that you have a 24/7 monitoring and support network around you, in case of seizure or emergency.

For example, the Epi-Care Free wrist-worn sensor has the ability to detect tonic-clonic seizures whether you are sleeping or awake.


The Epi-Care is an easy to use, lightweight, discreet sensor worn on the wrist. The advanced technology is able to detect convulsions and vibrations that occur during tonic-clonic seizures.

It can be configured so that the wrist worn device communicates wirelessly with your list of contacts, our 24/7 monitoring centre or the emergency services when a seizure occurs, which means you are never alone, without help for long.

To find out more about our Epilepsy telecare solutions, why not contact our friendly team today on 1850 247 999