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GPS Location

Our range of GPS products offer peace of mind in many situations. For those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, a tenancy to wander, or, indeed people who feel vulnerable when out and about on their own, our range of GPS products can trigger and alert, if needed, and send the wearers location to a list of family contacts or our monitoring centre, giving you peace of mind that help is never far away.

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  • Vega GPS watch

    Vega GPS Watch

    The Vega GPS Watch is a purpose built system to aid safer movement for those with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive disorders.

  • Oysta Pearl+

    If you or a loved one lives alone or spends time alone inside or outside of the home, you will know that sometimes the feeling of vulnerability can be a little over whelming.

    In situations where vulnerable people need to reach out for help in a hurry, the Oysta Pearl+ is the perfect solution.

    The Oysta Pearl+ mobile is a GPS location device which is designed for personal safety and security.

  • Care Alarm Pager

    The P137 Care Alarm Pager is more than a pager, it is a complete Nurse Call Station in your pocket. It can monitor the status of up to 32 Alert-it alarm sensors.

  • Care Clip

    A wearable emergency alarm can be highly beneficial to a wide variety of people and situations – people working alone, the elderly, people with a disability or someone working in a hazardous environment.  The CareClip device can be used by just about anyone that is concerned about personal safety.

    Designed for maximum functionality and discretion

    • Panic Button
    • Location Services
    • Safe Zone
    • Two Way Comms
    • Fall Detection
    • Activity Analysis