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Tunstall Emergency Response have a range of products designed to make life easier for you, your loved ones and your patients.

Our range of telecare products, combined with our 24 hour monitoring centre offer peace of mind and practical solutions in the following areas:

  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Aged Care
  • Independent Living
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Heaing/Visual Impairment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Falls Management
  • Carers Support
  • Assistance for Healthcare Workers
  • Access trigger (Carer Trigger)

    This trigger allows authorised carers to access a client’s property once an alarm call has been raised and the need for on site help has been determined.

  • Arm / Disarm / Zoning Trigger

    This trigger allows users to arm the movement detector functionality at the touch of a button on vacating their dwelling and then to disarm it in the same way as they re-enter. It can also be used as a zoning trigger to enable users to arm movement detectors downstairs whilst disabling sensors upstairs to allow movement during the night. This means that users will not need to ‘beat’ the zoning delay time before the system arms, therefore users can take as much time as required to walk up the stairs without needing to panic.

  • Bed Guardian System

    When a loved one has Epilepsy or a similar health or cognitive condition, it can be a constant strain for carers to ensure their needs are sufficiently met. The Bed Guardian’s Advanced Multifunction monitor integrates many monitoring functions to support those with health conditions such as Epilepsy, into a single compact device.

  • Bed Occupancy Sensor

    This sensor provides an early warning by alerting you that your patient or loved one has left their bed and not returned within a preset time period, indicating a possible fall. The sensor can also be programmed to switch on lights, helping people find their way to and from bed easily.

  • Bedside Companion System

    The Bedside Monitor unit is capable of detecting spasm induced bed movement, sounds associated with distress and bed vacation by the addition of the necessary sensors. Any distress condition is immediately communicated to either the carer pager, or by wired connection to a Nurse Call. The pager can support up to 3 bedside monitors (or an Bedside Companion extended pager is available for up to 32 clients).

  • Big Button Telephone

    The Big Button Telephone with its large black buttons with white numbering, hearing aid compatibility, visual call indicator and earpiece volume control is the ideal phone for those with poor sight, hearing difficulties or limited dexterity.

  • Bogus Caller Button

    Emergency Response’s Bogus Caller is an emergency alert button that is installed at the front door to allow an alarm call to be easily and discreetly placed to our care centre, should you feel uncomfortable or threatened by a visitor to your door.  When pressed, the Bogus Caller activates a silent call for help.

    One of our response team members can talk to your loved one through the unit giving guidance on what they should.  All calls are recorded.

  • Care Alarm Pager

    The P137 Care Alarm Pager is more than a pager, it is a complete Nurse Call Station in your pocket. It can monitor the status of up to 32 Alert-it alarm sensors.

  • Care Clip

    A wearable emergency alarm can be highly beneficial to a wide variety of people and situations – people working alone, the elderly, people with a disability or someone working in a hazardous environment.  The CareClip device can be used by just about anyone that is concerned about personal safety.

    Designed for maximum functionality and discretion

    • Panic Button
    • Location Services
    • Safe Zone
    • Two Way Comms
    • Fall Detection
    • Activity Analysis




  • CareAssist

    Our Care Assist pager is a portable telecare alarm that receives instant alerts from Tunstall’s range of telecare sensors.

  • Carephone

    The Carephone is a DECT telephone device that allows a user to programme in three numbers as emergency contacts. They then wear the waterproof SOS pendant either around their neck or on a wrist strap or on their belt.

  • Chair Occupancy Sensor

    The Chair Occupancy Sensor provides real time alerts when a patient or loved one leaves a chair. This is of great benefit in preventing falls or notifying carers of potential issues with wheelchair users

  • CO Detector (wireless)

    Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) is a colourless, odourless poisonous gas and is a common yet preventable cause of death from poisoning worldwide. On average between 1 and 2 people die each year in Ireland from CO poisoning in the home.

  • Companion Mini (Epilepsy Monitor)

    Easy to install, the Companion Mini provides peace of mind by monitoring the risks and activities of those who have epilepsy. The device is designed to be placed in the center of the bed between the base and the mattress

  • Enuresis Sensor

    Placed between the mattress and sheet, this sensor provides immediate warning on detection of moisture, allowing effective action to be taken. The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting dignity and independence.

  • Epi-Care Free Wrist Sensor

    Bringing new wireless technology to the care of people with epilepsy, the Epi-Care Free wrist-worn sensor has the ability to detect tonic-clonic seizures while the user is sleeping or awake.

  • Flashing Beacon

    This particular tool is very useful where an elderly or hearing impaired carer or loved one is in the home or where an individual lives alone and is hearing impaired or otherwise needs to be alerted that an alarm has been raised, the phone is ringing or there is a caller at the door.

  • Flood Detector

    The Flood Detector is a neat unobtrusive wireless sensor that can provide an early warning of potential flood situations. The sensor is placed under the sink or in the bathroom next to the toilet or under the bath

  • Heat Detector

    The wireless heat detector provides additional protection against the risk of fires in rooms
    where smoke detectors are unsuitable e.g. kitchen.

  • ICP Triage Manager

    Tunstall’s telehealth software solution providing triage for patient data received from mymedic and myclinic telehealth units.

  • Inductive Loop

    The inductive loop system helps to deliver high quality sound directly to hearing aids (with telecoil facility) from particular sources e.g. television, stereos and computers within their own home. In addition, when an alarm is raised or an incoming telephone call is received the inductive loop system will intelligently fade from the television sound over to the sound coming from the monitoring centre or caller enabling them to communicate more easily with the user without interference from loud sound sources in the background.

  • iVi Fall Detector

    THE iVi INTELLIGENT PENDANT (pronounced ivy) is a small, lightweight device which automatically detects falls, and like other pendants, the iVi allows the wearer to press a help button to generate an alarm call when they need help from anywhere in their home, 24 hours a day. Receiving assistance quickly after a fall, or other emergency, gives you peace of mind that you’ll get help immediately, for an all-round better outcome.

  • Lifeline Dual

    When the Lifeline Dual is activated in an emergency, it dials our 24 hour monitoring centre putting you in contact with one of our caring and empathetic, highly trained monitoring centre staff, who will help you by assessing the situation and contacting the necessary contact or emergency services to assist you. Connecting to the My Amie Pendant and using the powerful internal speaker and microphone, you or your loved one can speak hands free with the operator until help arrives.  Our operator will remain on the line until the situation has been resolved and we are satisfied that you are back in good hands

  • Lifeline Vi+

    The Lifeline Vi+ connects to the My Amie Pendant and allows you or your loved one to make quick and easy contact with Emergency Response’s 24 hour monitoring centre. In an emergency the medical alarm dials directly to the monitoring centre. Using the powerful internal speaker and microphone, the client can speak hands free with one of our friendly and compassionate trained team who will organise the appropriate assistance.

  • Medication Dispensers

    Medication Dispensers can be used to automatically provide access to medication over a 28 day period, providing audible and visual alerts to the user each time medication should be taken. If the user fails to access the medication, an alert is raised to our friendly and helpful staff at our 24 hour monitoring centre.

  • Minuet Watch

    The Minuet Watch is a discreet but high quality watch that incorporates a personal alarm. It provides you or your loved ones with increased reassurance that help is never further away than the click of a button.

  • Moisture Sensing Sheets

    If you have loved ones who are experiencing some loss in their mobility, their awareness or their independence you will know that maintaining the dignity and discretion of your loved ones is a priority.

    The Moisture Sensing Cotton Sheet with embedded sensing wires is the perfect solution to detecting an incontinence episode with comfort and discretion

  • MyAmie Pendant

    The MyAmie is a small, discreet pendant, which allows you or your loved one to raise an alarm call, quickly and easily in an emergency, even if the base unit is out of reach or in another room.

  • mymedic™

    Ideal for people living at home, the mymedic unit prompts the user, at a set time each day, to begin taking their vital signs.  It is easy to use, unobtrusive and reassuring.

  • Natural Gas Detector (plug in)

    This natural gas detector is designed to simplify the installation of a gas detector by removing the need for installation by a qualified electrician. It is supplied complete with standard mains plug (with 2metre cable) and a preconfigured universal sensor.

  • Oysta Pearl+

    If you or a loved one lives alone or spends time alone inside or outside of the home, you will know that sometimes the feeling of vulnerability can be a little over whelming.

    In situations where vulnerable people need to reach out for help in a hurry, the Oysta Pearl+ is the perfect solution.

    The Oysta Pearl+ mobile is a GPS location device which is designed for personal safety and security.

  • Passive Infra-Red Detectors for Activity/Inactivity

    Our Emergency Response Passive Infra-Red Detectors are designed to detect motion in the home and are highly customizable so they can detect both activity and inactivity. The sensor can be set at different heights to accommodate pet movement and can be programmed to be active for different times of the day or night.

  • Pillow Alert Pad

    The Pillow Alert Pad is placed under the pillow and uses vibration to alert the sleeping user of various calls and alerts. The Pillow Alert Pad will vibrate at night to wake the sleeping user/carer for telecare alerts.

  • Portable Enuresis Support

    When a loved one lives alone or needs regular care, it is vital to know when they need assistance so that they are not left in an uncomfortable or degrading situation. The Portable Enuresis Support System comprises of a small detector unit which fits snuggly onto the waist band of incontinence pads or underwear.

  • Pressure Mat

    Tunstall Emergency Response’s pressure mat monitors movement in specific areas of the home, such as next to the bed or by the bathroom.

  • Property Exit Sensor

    When our loved ones become vulnerable, frail, older or a little bit impaired, their safety is first priority. The Property Exit Sensor provides real time alerts when a client or loved one has walked out of their door and not returned so that carers can ensure their safety.

  • Pull Cord

    The Radio Pull Cord can be strategically placed around the home, in order to provide a user with a convenient means of summoning help in an emergency.

  • Safe Socket

    The Safe Socket™ is a new concept to ensure that alarm calls are raised even though the telephone line is in use. It allows the Lifeline home unit to seize the phone line from other connected devices on the same line (i.e. extension phone, computer, fax machine, satellite receiver etc).

  • Smoke Detector (monitored)

    Our Smoke Detectors provide increased reassurance by not only sensing smoke in the home and raising an audible alarm but also raising a call to the our 24 hour monitoring centre so that your loved one will be connected to our friendly, caring staff to make sure they are safe and well.

  • Temperature Extreme Sensor

    Our Temperature Extremes Sensor monitors for excessively high and low temperatures and a rapid rate of rise in temperature. It is typically installed on the ceiling or wall in the kitchen to protect people and property against extremes of temperature.

  • Vega GPS watch

    Vega GPS Watch

    The Vega GPS Watch is a purpose built system to aid safer movement for those with Alzheimer’s or other cognitive disorders.

  • Wireless Video Door Phone

    The Wireless Video Door Phone from Tunstall Emergency Response offers extra reassurance and security to you, and to your loved ones by allowing you to monitor callers to your home