Care Clip

Did you know that most of our customers are recommended to us by Occupational Therapists and Public Health Nurses?

Here is what our Occupational Therapist says about Emergency Response’s Care Clip:

“We use Emergency Response’s Care Clip ourselves and we recommend them to our clients. I like to use them myself as they are handy to wear on your tunic and pretty light weight, so if you are on your feet most of the day, which most of us are, they don’t cause wear and tear on you or your clothing.

When the family or loved ones of a client request a recommendation I take it serious as you are in a position of trust and you don’t want to let them down. My colleagues and I recommend a Care Clip to families of those who might require them as we trust the product to 100% do what they will need it to do. Given the convenience and ease of use of the Care Clip I can’t recall ever having to replace them.”

We provide a free consultative call service to Occupational Therapists, Public Health Nurses and those who feel a family member may require a Care Clip. To register for a call with one of our Care Consultants please click here.


The two-way voice communication device is linked directly to our monitoring centre, we are the touch of a button away, so is peace of mind.

Just some of the features and benefits of our Care Clip.

  • Panic Button
  • Allows the user contact the monitoring centre 24/7
  • Location Services
  • GPS & LBS, Home location hard coding, Voice, Breadcrumbs
  • Safe Zone
  • Ensure users are out of harm’s way
  • Two Way Comms
  • Reassure user that help is on the way in an emergency
  • Fall Detection
  • Ensures Rapid Intervention, Reduce risk of future falls, Criticality levels
  • Activity Analysis
  • Feed into care plan, Support primary care providers
  • Handy charge dock
  • Plug it in on your bedside table with this handy charger. Ensures you always know where your Care Clip is
  • Alert button for situations when a helping hand isn’t always to hand
  • Direct 2-way voice communication to Care Clip centre when an alert is triggered
  • Real time tracking
  • Relays real time location tracking information to dashboard users through our app. Alert signals boundary exit in instances of a predefined location boundary




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